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Gary H. Girty

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Funded Grants

1. University of Kansas Faculty Research Grant, 1984, $4,500.00, for research into the provenance, sedimentology, and structural geology of the Elder Sandstone.

2. SDSU Foundation Grant-In-Aid, 1985, $1,500.00, for research into the petrology and provenance of the Point Loma Formation.

3. SDSU Foundation Grant-In-Aid, 1986, $1,577.00, for research into the petrology and provenance of Holocene sand derived from the Peninsular Ranges east of San Diego, California.

4. Union Oil Faculty Support Award, $15,000.00, 1986-1988, for support of research program directed by G.H. Girty.

5. SDSU Foundation Grant-In-Aid, 1988, $700.00, for research into the petrology and provenance of Cenozoic and Holocene sand in the Imperial basin, southern California.

6. National Science Foundation, 1989-1991, $33,298.00, Shoo Fly Complex: Continuing Research on the most extensive belt of lower Paleozoic rocks in California.

7. AMOCO Production, Denver, Colorado, 1989, $3,000.00, A study of the petrological aspects and distribution patterns of Cenozoic sand deposited in an ensialic rift-basin or incipient proto-oceanic gulf, southeastern California.

8. SDSU, 1989, $1,500.00, Creative Research Grant, Climatic-dependent compositional changes in Holocene sand derived from plutonic rocks in a single mountain belt.

9. AMOCO Foundation, 1989, $1,000.00, to help defray the costs of two automated point-count stages.

10. National Science Foundation, Jan. 1, 1991, $168,000.00, Acquisition of a thermal ionization mass spectrometer. Awarded to B.B. Hanan (PI), D.L. Kimbrough (co-PI), and G.H. Girty (co-PI).

11. National Science Foundation, 1992-1994, $62,000.00, Is the Cuyamaca Laguna Mountains shear zone an extensional accommodation structure?

12. American Chemical Society, The Petroleum Research Fund, June, 1992-August, 1994, $20,000.00, A comprehensive sedimentological model for chert-argillite units in the lower Paleozoic Shoo Fly Complex.

13. National Science Foundation, Jan. 1, 1993-June 30, 1995, $78,180.00, Collaborative Research: Pluton emplacement in relation to Jurassic volcanic arc evolution and orogenesis in the northern Sierra terrane, California.

14. National Science Foundation, 1994, Research microscopes, $45,000 awarded to B.B. Hanan (PI), D.L. Kimbrough (co-PI), and G.H. Girty (co-PI)

15. Faculty Grant-In-Aid, 1996-1997, $7,992.00, Element mobility patterns in the aureole of the Emigrant Gap pluton: Ion chromatography and ICP-MS results.

16. National Science Foundation, 1995-1998, $110,807, Element mobility patterns, volume loss, and a ballooning diapir.

17. EDMAP, U.S. Geological Survey, 2000-2001, $20,750.00, The NW Kane Spring 7.5 quadrangle.

18. American Chemical Society, The Petroleum Research Fund, June, 2000-August, 2001, $30,000.00, The onset of chemical weathering within the humid-arid transition.

19. National Science Foundation, 2001-2002, $68,579.00, Integrating XRD analysis into the undergraduate earth sciences curriculum at San Diego State University.

20. California Department of Parks and Recreation, 2002 – 2003, $20,580.00, The geology of the Pichacho State Recreational Park.

21. Grant-In-Aid, 2005-2006, $4,000, SDSU, Provenance of Egyptian Sherds: Chemistry and petrologic characteristics.

22. SDSU field stations, 2005-2006, $10,000.00, Geological context and framework of SDSU field stations

23. EDMAP, U.S. Geological Survey, 2008-2009, $11,122.00, Stratigraphy and structure of the Miocene Bear Canyon conglomerate: Implications for the timing of formation of the Chocolate Mountains anticlinorium

24. SDSU field stations, 2008-2009, $10,000.00, continuing work at SMER

25. Granite Construction, 2009, $10,000.00, Characterizing the Damage Zone of the Elsinore Fault: A Proposal Submitted to Granite Construction

26. National Science Foundation, 2009-2012, $132,793.00 Using the Tertiary Volcanic and Gravelly Sedimentologic Record to Test the Timing and Evolution of the Chocolate Mountains Anticlinorium, SE California

27. National Science Foundation, 2009-2014, $428,283.00 Collaborative Research: Structural Architecture and Evolutionary Plate-Boundary Processes along the San Jacinto Fault Zone, PI = Tom Rockwell; Co-PI = G.H. Girty